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5 Natural Methods For Better Potency

As more and more couples begin to experience problems with conception, natural methods for increasing potency are being used at a rate that is rapidly increasing. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods for increasing male potency.

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As for those who wish to restore their potency by using natural methods, please read on to learn more about the five best natural methods for better potency. There are a number of underlying conditions that affect potency and knowing how to remedy these issues can make a world of difference.

1. Increasing Sperm Count

Environmental toxins can cause a male’s sperm count to dwindle, whether he’s aware of them are not. Cigarette smoking, exposure to radiation, drug use and pollution are common catalysts for a decrease in sperm count. Other factors that lead to a lesser sperm count include the wearing of tight fitting underwear and an excessive reliance on hot baths.

2. Reduce Exposure To Chemicals

Xenoestrogens cause sperm counts to fall and also lead to lesser performance from the remaining sperm. To keep these chemicals from negatively impacting male potency, be sure to plastic food storage containers, chlorinated tap water, synthetic deodorant, excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine and products that are rich in animal fat. Adding antioxidants (such as leafy greens) to your diet helps to combat the effect of these chemicals, as well.

3. Altering Your Diet

Did you know that a man who struggles to maintain his ideal weight will also struggle to maintain sexual potency as he ages? Relying too much on processed foods, at the expense of healthy fruits and vegetables, can cause structural damage to male reproductive tissues, making it much harder to conceive.

4. Getting More Exercise

When paired with a healthy diet, regular exercise can work wonders when it comes to male potency. Men who are overweight and struggling with excess anxiety are far more likely to struggle with impotency than men who exercise on a regular basis and eat healthy. If you are not currently on an exercise/diet regimen, consult with your physician, to find out what will work best for you.

5. Zinc/Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C supplements are instrumental for proper sperm production, as daily doses of the vitamin keep sperm from becoming tangled together and increase potency. Zinc, on the other hand, is proven to increase the sperm’s motility, as well as male testosterone levels and overall sperm count. Other supplements that can help to improve male potency include essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, selenium and chromium.